Dangerous cards in chess and mahjong

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How to deal with dangerous cards in real money chess and mahjong? This is a question worthy of in-depth study. It is one of the skills of the real money chess and mahjong game in Marina Bay Sands Casino.máy slot

   The dangerous card in Mahjong mentioned here refers to the absolutely dangerous card that makes his family reconcile after it is released.

When the card game enters the late mid-game stage, any drawdown is full of serious dangers. In fact, some cards are not dangerous in many situations, but they feel that they are not safe cards. This is due to the influence of the horror concept of shooting.

Therefore, during this period, a card in each round cannot be a safe card for the next player, so how to deal with these dangerous cards needs further discussion.

Except for the absolutely safe cards (such as when the name card is hit and the fourth card is drawn), the other cards are always somewhat dangerous. Now focus on the dangerous card that fired the cannon and observe the changes at that point.

  First: The risk of firing can sometimes be inferred from the card phases of each house. If there are fewer types of cards, the risk is greater, especially for raw cards, the risk of firing is greater.

  Second: The dangerous card for the blasting refers to the card the opponent needs after he has listened to the card. Once it appears, it can be tied.

If there is a card in the hand that is not a dangerous card for direct firing, but because this card is touched by the opponent and he completes the state of a big draw, then this card should be regarded as a dangerous card for firing.

   Third: The hidden ridges in your hand and the cards on the same line are dangerous cards for shooting.

For example, there are 3 hidden cards, 3 cards, and 6 cards, 1 card in the hand. When no such cards appear on the table, someone may call 3 or 6 cards, and he and the card bid One-half of the number is in your hands, which can greatly prevent others from winning.

  Fourth: If you can see the opponent's Fantai situation in the late mid-game match, then all types of cards that have nothing to do with Fantai can be generally regarded as safe cards.

   The above four points all outline the handling methods of dangerous cards. If you are familiar with the above methods, you are no longer afraid of "dangerous cards" in NBA betting on mahjong.

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